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About The Internet Marketing Center

The Global Leader in Providing Results-Driven Internet Marketing Strategies and Solutions

A world leader in the Internet marketing industry, the Internet Marketing Center (IMC) has been developing proven, cost-effective online marketing strategies and software since 1996. Our innovative software solutions and marketing recommendations draw over 1.8 million unique visitors to our web sites every month.

With internationally-renowned Internet marketing expert Nick James as CEO, our strategies for building a successful online business have been implemented by hundreds of thousands of online business owners worldwide.

The Internet Marketing Center is committed to bringing you the latest and greatest from the rapidly-changing world of Internet marketing. We hear about the difference our research is making in the lives of our customers, and we want even MORE people to experience the same life-changing results.

You can find the best of our research and the proven strategies we’ve used to generate online revenues approaching $100 MILLION in online sales in our leading-edge products and resources, including:

  • Our best-selling Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet course — the definitive step-by-step guide to starting and growing your own wildly profitable online business for ten years straight!
  • Nick Jame’s Internet Marketing Training Club  — a booming online community of Internet entrepreneurs, staffed by the IMC team of Internet marketing experts. It’s the place to get answers to your biggest online business questions and one-on-one support from the Internet Marketing Center’s team of experts and other experienced website owners.

The Internet Marketing Center was founded on the belief that ANYONE can be successful online — even if you have no business experience or computer skills. The true measure of our success are the thousands of e-business owners worldwide who’ve used our proven methods to start and grow wildly profitable online businesses of their own.

We firmly believe that no matter who you are or how much you know about the Internet OR starting your own business, you CAN create your success online – and we can help you!

We’re proud to be providing inspiration to the thousands of online entrepreneurs who rely on our training materials and software every single year – from the complete newbies to the top business experts on the Web today.

To read our client’s inspirational success stories, click here.



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